Tim Lovejoy - Mourinho mastery knows no bounds

By 19 March 2010 12:58

Chelsea fans will hate me for saying this, but it's great to see brilliance in football and Jose Mourinho is a man who excels at his trade.

Chelsea are a better side than Inter, but Mourinho has an amazing impact from the bench, not to mention through the media. He knows how to work every channel to the advantage of his team and that's why he's so successful.

During my time at Soccer AM we'd try and get clubs to do the 'Crossbar Challenge'. Man U, Arsenal and Liverpool all said no, but Jose immediately said yes. He wanted his players to be a talking point and he wanted to work with the media.

That's what sets him apart - a combination of tactics and mind games.

I heard a great story about about Mourinho's time at Chelsea. Remember when he used to hand players pieces of paper with instructions on to the players during the match? Well one week John Terry got passed the paper and it read simply "wave at the bench". It sounds just like something he'd do.

Mourinho's record as a manager is already remarkable. To win the Champions League with Porto, beating a decent Man United outfit on the way, was an incredible achievement.

As well as the impact he has on the team he can also transform players like Deco and Cole into world-class performers. And it wouldn't surprise me if he takes an average Inter side to the Champions League final.

Mourinho once said that the Champions League is a cup, and that anyone can get lucky and win a cup. On that note, Chelsea now have to concentrate on the league which I still believe is the most important trophy and I still believe we'll win.


It's hard to feel sorry for a multi-millionaire, good-looking and highly-skilled footballer, but I've got to admit I'm gutted for David Beckham.

There's nobody you'd rather have taking a set-piece for England and Beckham is still a sublime deliverer of crosses.

What really impressed me about Beckham is the way he adapted from being the England captain to a squad player. Not many players could have handled that in such a dignified way.

If Fabio Capello is wise he'll use Beckham as a spokesperson for the team during the World Cup. Beckham could take the pressure off the players and have a huge impact.

FIFA are understood to be gutted about Beckham's injury too. His presence is huge PR coup at a World Cup, and the tournament will not be the same without him.


Source: DSG

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