Tim Lovejoy - Wenger denial has gone beyond a joke

By 22 January 2010 01:44

English football owes Arsene Wenger a lot. He came to the Premier League and transformed the way we look at the game.

Wenger brought in intelligent tactics, special diets and new level of professionalism that has revolutionised football in this country. Plus if the stuff does hit the fan in the future, Arsenal will be thankful of his shrewd business brain.

However, his inability to "see" incidents involving his Arsenal players during matches has gone beyond a joke.‬‪

It wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't so critical of other teams' behaviour on the field.

I'm talking of course of the William Gallas tackle on Bolton's Mark Davies - another incident Mr Wenger claimed he missed.

I think it's time managers were accountable for their players' actions on the field. We should show them video replays in the tunnel and then ask for their honest reaction.

Managers are demanding referees to reflect on incidents, so why not managers?

To be fair to Gallas, who I watched many times during his spell at Chelsea, he's not a dirty or aggressive player. He clearly thought it was a 50-50, but it turned out to be an awful challenge and should have had a more severe punishment.


The word 'revenge' is always around in football. It's such a great motivating tool and it certainly played a major role in Carlos Tevez's superb performance against Man United this week.

Since City have returned to the Premier League they've had the better of the Manchester derbies and United will be seriously fired up for the return leg next week.

A lot has been made of Gary Neville's reaction to Tevez's celebration, but I don't think there was anything wrong with it.

Similarly, I don't think there was anything wrong with the way Tevez acted either. It's just all part of football's rich tapestry.

I just really hope Gary Neville starts next week. Who's not going to want to watch that one?


It;s great to see some of England's potential World Cup stars returning to action.

Joe Cole is back in a Chelsea shirt and that can only be good for England's chances this summer. He'll definitely be a key part of Fabio Capello's squad.

It's also great to see Owen Hargreaves returning. I had forgotten all about him, but United really need him right now, and he could still be a key member of the England squad in South Africa.‬


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Source: DSG

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