Tim Lovejoy - Time for England to believe

By 10 December 2009 11:44

I'm really disappointed that the prevailing reaction to England's World Cup draw in this country has been one of relief.

Most England fans, including me, are really happy we drew three beatable teams and therefore have a decent chance of reaching the knock-out stages.

It's completely the wrong way to look at things, and not the attitude to take us to victory in South Africa. We need to believe we can beat anyone.

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A good friend of mine is married to a Brazilian, and he was really pleased with their draw - despite the fact they're in the so-called 'group of death' with Portugal, Ivory Coast and North Korea.

"That's great for Brazil," he said. "We get to play really good teams."

Meanwhile English fans are just thinking of the easiest route forward.

I'm particularly looking forward to the England v USA clash on June 12. Football against 'soccer'. Let's just hope football smashes soccer to pieces.

Apparently we have an eight per cent chance of facing Germany in the knock-out stages if we get through. Bring them on, I say. You've got to beat the big teams at some point. It's time for the English to stop being afraid.


I'd also like to take the chance in this column to call on the English media to get behind our team. The negativity and sarcasm should stop now. We need the whole nation behind us.

As for any girls out there who happened to have slept with English footballers recently, can you please wait until after the World Cup to reveal your stories to the tabloids. (Give Tiger Woods a call if you're bored)

Think of it this way, if England lift the trophy you'll get even more cash for your dirt.


The race for the fourth Champions League spot looks to be between Manchester City, Aston Villa, Tottenham and Liverpool.

It's going to be really exciting to watch it unfold, and my money is on City earning a lucrative berth in Europe next season.

They've proved hard to beat so far, and providing Mark Hughes can keep his squad happy I think they've got the strength in depth to do it. Oh, and there's also the small fact that in January they'll probably spend another £100 million on players.


Source: DSG

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