Barry the Pro - The Capello Index revealed

By 13 May 2010 09:30

I'm back from Granny Canaria and suffering from a nasty bout of World Cup fever. You gotta love a disease that makes you talk about nothing but football and develop serious cravings for strong lager at eight in the morning.

The big story this week was obviously Fabio's England squad. Lineker's Bar was all over it - you couldn't move for fat, bald blokes in England shirts.

It could have been a sensational shocker of a squad. Fabio did the whole 'Magnificent Seven' / 'Young Guns 2' act on Jamie Carragher and Paul Scholes, and there was even talk of Owen Hargreaves making it.

Hargreaves has played less football in the last 18 months than my brother-in-law Micky the Fists - who's in the middle of a 10-year stretch - but Fabio still fancied him.

Carragher made it. But as it turned out, Hargreaves wasn't up to it and Scholesy decided to spend the summer playing with his ginger kids instead. Fair enough.

And what about this Capello Index business? Sounds like a cheeky little earner for Fabio to me. Based on the squad he picked, here's a sneak preview of how he might have rated the England hopefuls.

PAUL ROBINSON - Ave score 07.00
I do not like him. He is not good goalkeeper. I could do better than him in the goals. He will never play for England again. Blackburn is rubbish team.

LEDLEY KING - Ave score 99.00
Is great defender. Much better than Terry and Ferdinand. If he was fit he could do a better job on his own than those two together. Is better than Ryan Shawcross on one leg.

MATTHEW UPSON- Ave score 75.00
Plays for terrible West Ham, so gets a lot of practice. If not for Upson, West Ham lose every game 10-0. Is left-footed. I like left-footed.

SCOTT PARKER - Ave score 50.00
Everybody says he's good, so must pick for 30. But only if injured Hargreaves, old man Scholes, or Bobby Charlton, can't make it.

CARLTON COLE - Ave score 03.00
Ha ha ha. Not even as good as Heskey!

GARY NEVILLE - Ave score 45.00
I do not like silly beard. Silly beard is not good for England. Do not pick player with silly beard.


Source: DSG

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