Barry the Pro - Typical Germans win football matches

By 08 April 2010 06:59

Don't believe what Fergie is telling you this morning United fans. Your team weren't cheated, they weren't the better side and they don't deserve to be in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

United was Robbened. They definitely weren't robbed.

We all knew what was coming after the final whistle. Fergie had to have a dig, it's his birth right. But to go with the 1970s "typical Germans" line was nothing short of ridiculous. It was like your great granddad had come back from the dead and taken over at Old Trafford after 10 pints of bitter. Alf Garnett eat your heart out (google it younguns).

Rafael absolutely deserved to go. He kicked Mark van Bommel off the ball for his first yellow and blatantly tugged Franck Ribery's shirt for his second. The words 'nailed' and 'on' were invented and married together for refereeing decisions just like it.

Naturally the Germans protested, and it might well be that their protests helped convinced the official. But that's missing the point. Rafael could have got a straight red for the first one - remember David Beckham in 1998? There is no question the referee got it right this time.

Fergie would like to think his players would have acted differently, that Old Trafford breeds an altogether higher moral class of footballer. I'm not buying it, not for a second - especially when you remember Cristiano Ronaldo in action at the Theatre of Dreams last season.

Ultimately, Fergie's attack on the Germans smacked of desperation. The only thing typical about Bayern's performance was their superb organisation, drive and commitment to the cause. They were dead and buried at 3-0 down, but they fought back and did what typical Germans do best - win important football matches.

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Nag's Head got 'Messi'd' on Sunday by the man they're calling 'the best Sunday League footballer.EVER'.

The bloke is so unplayable they call him 'quagmire', and he's still only 22 years old.

That said, Sunday League players usually peak at around 16 - for obvious reasons.


Source: DSG

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