Barry the Pro - Who said Fabregas was a lightweight fairy

By 01 April 2010 07:21

Remember the classic scene in Escape to Victory where the goalkeeper agrees to have his arm broken to further the cause?

Pele, Bobby Moore, Michael Caine and Co need Sylvester Stallone involved in the big game against the Nazis to help them escape - and the only way to pass it off is by putting the team's stopper out of commission.

The selfless fella holds out his arm and watches on as one of the boys stamps down, to end his hopes of both playing in the match, and escaping the concentration camp.

Now tell me Cesc Fabregas didn't perform a similar act of bravery last night? When he stepped up to score that pen for the Gunners on a broken leg, Fabs put himself right up there with Chopper Harris, Vinny Jones and Duncan Ferguson in the hardman stakes.

And in blasting it home, the silky Spaniard may well have ended his hopes of playing again this season and 'Escaping to Victory' with favourites Spain at the World Cup this summer.

Just a few days before, Fabs had been prancing around like a 10-year-old girl at St Andrews, desperately trying to avoid getting tackled. One cruncher from Craig Gardner did the job and the lad went missing.

But last night at the Emirates Fabs proved he can roll with the punches, and that he's not the lightweight fairy we thought he was. Take note Mr Wenger, and put the cotton wool away for a bit mate.

Credit to the lad for playing with a broken leg, and credit to the Gunners for summoning a comeback the Allies in Escape to Victory would have been proud of.

For your sakes, I hope it doesn't end with Fabs escaping in the summer.

- - -

Nag's Head got done 3-0 on Sunday, with yours truly watching on with a sprained ankle.

I think I've got Bayern Munchausen syndrome. I'll be out of action for two-to-four weeks.



Source: DSG

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