Barry the Pro - Professional footballers are filthy animals

By 04 February 2010 07:13

All this 'John Terry must die' nonsense is getting ridiculous. The poor bloke is a pig-headed, arrogant, love-rat footballer, not a politician or an ambassador for fidelity.

People forget that footballers are dirty circus animals. They get pulled from their habitats before pubity, sucked into a bubble of adoration and paraded before cheering idiots on a bi-weekly basis.

For this they get rewarded handsomely. And so they should. I'd want £150,000 a week to be laughed at and have every mistake I made splashed all over the papers.

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Nobody summed up my thinking better than Dan from Essex.

"John Terry can shag whoever he wants if helps England do well at the World Cup," he wrote. "And he can have my missus if we win it."

Too right Dan. And to be honest your missus is pretty safe based on England's recent history. So, good shout all round.

Me and the boys don't understand what all the fuss is about. If JT had scored a deliberate own goal, taken up smoking, or promised Cristiano Ronaldo he could run past him unchallenged in South Africa, then I'd have a serious problem.

Those things would affect what happens on the pitch. And that's what we should care about. Not his ridiculous private life - of which 70% of the football public, if they're honest, are probably jealous.

If we're not careful, the English public will turn JT into a jibbering wreck and he won't even be in South Africa. He'll be in the Priory, and then on Celebrity Big Brother, and then.well you get the picture.

So, the message from Barry is plain and simple. Leave the boy alone. He cheated on one Wag with another man's ex-Wag. He didn't miss a penalty in a World Cup semi-final.

- - -

Nag's Head climbed to mid-table with a convincing 3-1 win against my old team Boca Juveniles on Sunday.

I got the first one, leaping like a trout to bite the hand that used to feed me.

"Judas" they screamed from the touchline every time I touched the ball. But when 'they' consists of your fat brother-in-law Terry, and 'Becky the bike', it's pretty easy to deal with.


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