Barry the Pro - Not even Gary Neville can save Liverpool now

By 14 January 2010 08:02

Oh to be an Everton fan on Merseyside this morning. You lot must be bounding around town like it was 1987 and Tony Cottee was still banging them in for fun every week.

Liverpool were already in a seriously pungent pickle. Out of the Big Cup, out of the title race, out of the Carling Cup. Oh, and about £250 million in debt. Happy days on Brookside Close.

But there was still the good old FA Cup, and the way Rafa Benitez and Co. have been talking up the competition recently, you almost started to think a trip to Wembley could save them.

Now I don't know about you lot, but me and boys had our doubts even before the mighty Reds crashed out to Reading in the third round last night. The 'magic' of the Cup is still alive, but ain't David Blaine people.

Maybe those white Armani suits would make a comeback. Maybe they'd record a rap song. Maybe Craig Johnstone would dust off his Predators.

But even if all that happened, and I seriously doubt Fernando Torres's hip-hop credentials, it doesn't seem like anything or anybody can save Liverpool from disaster now.

Not even Gary Neville. Although who wouldn't want to see that deal happen? (aside from Liverpool and United fans that is). For all you Liverpool fans thinking things can't possibly get any worse, just remember that possibility.

Rafa is doomed now. Any if Liverpool don't make the Champions League surely Stevie Gee and Fernando will be taking a long hard look at their Anfield contracts. Not that contracts mean anything these days.

After that, things will surely get better for the long-suffering Reds fans. Or will they.

"Hello is that Gary's Kevin Keegan, the new Liverpool gaffer here."

Meanwhile, Nag's Head FC remain unbeaten in 2010. No goals conceded, no bookings, and no touchline punch-ups between greedy strikers and fat midfielder's uncles.

Hopefully we'll finally get a game played this weekend.


Source: DSG

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