Barry the Pro - Ten reasons to love Liverpool

By 10 December 2009 07:53

Liverpool fans will be crying into their cornflakes this morning, thumbing through their old Panini stickerbooks and re-living the good old days when King Kenny and his boys ruled European football.

The Reds have been dumped out of the Big Cup like a nobody from Eastern Europe, and now find themselves bottom-feeding in the Europa Dope League with the likes of Everton.

What's more, their Premier League title ambitions are over for another year and the battle is on just to finish in the top four.

Hardly the stuff of playground dreams is it. Hardly the stuff to keep rival Man United fans quiet. Hardly the makings of boisterous banter at the watercoolers of Merseyside.

But all is not lost. Me and the boys were shooting the bacardi breezers last night and managed to come up with 10 reasons to love Liverpool. Despite everything. Here goes.

1. Stevie G is a Red

You've still got the best midfielder in England. And he ain't going anywhere. And he's got lego hair.

2. You're not Chelsea

Anyone can win the title with the help of a Russian oligarch. Liverpool prefer to take on a couple of American rich boys who know nothing about football. That's bold. I like bold.

3. Liverpool fans are MEGA

"Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart, and you'll NEVER walk alone." That's unless you get a real minnow in the Europa League knock-out stages of course. Seriously though, Liverpool fans are great.

4. Jan Molby wore the shirt

Any team brave enough to employ a fat Dane in the middle of the park deserves credit. And Liverpool went the whole hog with Molby. Quality.

5. Fernando Torres is gas

He might have nicked his nickname off Sergio Garcia, but El Nino is the real deal. And judging by his loyalty to Atletico Madrid, he'll be hanging around for a while too.

6. The John Barnes rap

It's the classic pub debate. Who's the greatest rapper ever.Jay-Z, Grandmaster Flash, Eminem or Barnesy. I'll go Barnesy every time.

7. Razor Ruddock

An unlikely marriage if ever there was one. But Neil Ruddock did a job at Liverpool, and that job was scaring the living daylights out of every striker in the top flight. Brilliant.

8. The white Armani suits

David James and Co got a lot of stick for those Miami Vice Armani suits at the 1996 FA Cup final, but at least they made an effort. And I bet their mums were dead proud, like.

9. The miracle of Istanbul

I don't know about you, but in my experience being 3-0 down at half-time usually means you're heading for a seven or eight-niller. Or worse. But Liverpool had balls in 2005. Big balls.

10. Robbie Fowler is your God

He pretended to snort drugs as a goal celebration and mooned to Graeme Le Saux. "We all live in a Robbie Fowler house," goes the chant. For a God, he's an interesting choice. And bold. Did I mention I like bold.


Source: DSG

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