Barry the Pro - I thought United fans ate prawn sandwiches

By 29 October 2009 07:34

Happy Thursday my old muccas, I trust you're all loving life and enjoying another week of crazy action in the Lager Cup.

Me and the boys watched the Barnsley-United fiasco down the Nag's Head on Tuesday. To be honest, we were expecting a boring 3-0, but Fergie's men only went and pulled off the two biggest surprises of the week.

First up, liddle Mickey Owen stuck one in the onion bag. And it weren't no tap-in either. That nutmeg was glorious and his finish took us back the summer of 1998.and a bar called Banana's in Benidorm.

Anyway, I digress.

Then there was the crowd trouble. Now, United fans are not known for being larey. I mean, at least 70% of them have usually travelled from Thailand to be at the game, so there ain't much energy left for scrapping.

And then there was the ransacking of the food stalls. There was me thinking United fans ate nothing but prawn sandwiches, and there they are acting all Robin Hood and bagging mouldy meat pies to feed the masses.

Barry the Pro don't condone this sort of behaviour, obviously.

Before I do one, I should tell you about Sunday. We won 8-2. It was flipping ridiculous. 'Batman' got six and their centre-back scored four (two in each net).

They call him Batman because he wears this ridiculous cape all the time. And he's married to a girl called Robin.

Much love, Bazza


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