Barry the Pro - Southgate pays the penalty again

By 23 October 2009 07:56

Happy Days, readers! That's unless you're Gareth Southgate, Rafa Be-needingajobsoon, or that fuzzy-faced goon who launched a beach ball into the mixer at the Stadium of Light.

Me and the boys was gutted for Southgate. The poor geezer is stuck up there in freezing cold Miserybrough, slogging away in the Championship, and his head was on the block all along.

It's crystal what happened. They've been trying to find somebody else for ages and they've finally got their man.

It's a bit like keeping a minging bird on the go until you land a fitter one. And it's double-bad, because Southgate is like one of those really nice birds who does your washing and lets you watch the naughty channels.

Old Gareth will be alright though. And at least this management lark has stopped everyone talking about the penalty he missed at Euro 96. (Oopsy daisy, I hurt you again).

Next up on the loser radar is the poor old Liverpool gaffer. The boys all reckon he'll have done one by Chrimbo, but I reckon he'll get pushed. What Liverpool need is some steel in midfield. Somebody like Jan Molby, or Nigel Clough (haha).

As for the fella who threw the balloon, you have to give the man some respect. That was a quality delivery and I wouldn't be surprised if Stoke signed him up on the back of that. Shame about the skin condition though, never seen anthing like those black squares all over his mug.

I almost forgot. We got done 2-0 at home on Sunday by a right bunch of prima donnas. It was one to forget. Muggsy let one through his legs and I missed a absolute sitter.

It's been a good week for losers. Innit.

Much love, Bazza


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