We have been singled out - Oyston

01 February 2011 07:07
Chairman Karl Oyston says Blackpool have been singled out as they prepare to appeal against a fine for fielding a weakened side.Manager Ian Holloway made 10 changes for the defeat by Aston Villa in November and were fined £25,000. [LNB]"There's examples of clubs recently that have been handled differently," Oyston told BBC Radio Lancashire. [LNB]"We both feel there's factors that need to be highlighted more. I'm not sure why we've been singled out." [LNB]He added: "I'm not sure whether our so-called offence was any more horrific than other clubs naming different squads. [LNB]"There wasn't that much resting on the game, which is probably unique. A lot of the other cases have been later in the season when there's been a lot resting on the outcome." [LNB]Holloway threatened to resign if the club was fined for the offence, believing he was being punished for a precedent which should not exist because clubs have to name a 25-man squad each season. [LNB]Following confirmation of the fine on 27 January, Holloway's resignation offer was turned down by Oyston.[LNB] I think the Premier League need to clarify to everyone, and not just the new boys, what the squad system entails Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston "I think it is a total disgrace that I am told who I can pick and when I can pick them," said an "incensed" Holloway. [LNB]"If Arsenal changed eight the other month, why is that allowed and I am not? [LNB]"I am totally confused as to the rules, who is making them and why I am a football manager and I'm not allowed to manage." [LNB]And it is a sentiment Oyston fully understands. [LNB]"Ian always tried to win every game and because the 25-man rule is new I don't think that's been factored in adequately into the reasoning," he said. [LNB]"We know we have to abide by the rules, which we feel we've done. [LNB]"We didn't have much time to assemble our squad [following Blackpool's Championship play-off final win in May]. I felt we performed well in that summer transfer window, but it did delay us bringing players in and Ian then had to mould them into our way of playing. [LNB]"I think the Premier League need to clarify to everyone, and not just the new boys, what the squad system entails and maybe they should out emphasis on games in the run-in to the end of the season rather than the first 30 games."

Source: BBC_Sport