Holloway savours historic visit

02 October 2010 01:30
Blackpool boss Ian Holloway remembers clearly the feeling of walking beneath the Anfield tunnel's famous sign as a player and admits he cannot wait to take his team to the ground on Sunday. The words `This Is Anfield', displayed above the stairs that lead down to the pitch, have long been regarded as a good luck charm for Liverpool players who touch them before running out, as well as a means of intimidating the opposition. "It's one of those that you look forward to all your life," Holloway said. "I remember when I first played at Anfield and I can't tell you what I said to my lads about how I felt when I saw that sign at the top of the steps. "The psychology of it - `This Is Anfield' - does make you wobble and does make your butterflies seem even worse and bigger than they were before. "The football club has a fantastic tradition and I can't wait to go and take my team there. To go away to play Liverpool at Anfield at any time is an honour and a privilege because of what they have achieved. "It might be in the past, it might be in the distant past - probably too distant for their fans. But you cannot take that away."

Source: PA