Dunn leads Rovers defence

21 August 2007 11:32
Blackburn midfielder David Dunn has dismissed suggestions from Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger that Rovers were over-physical in Sunday's 1-1 draw. Wenger had blasted the home side following the Ewood Park encounter, saying: "I felt there was a desire for violence more than commitment in some of the challenges. "We were very resilient against a team that was over-physical." However, Dunn rejected the Frenchman's comments, saying his side were committed but nothing more. He told the Daily Mirror: "I disagree totally with what he said. "Committed, yes, aggressive, yes, but they have better players than us with more ability going through the team, so we have to close that gap and make it into a little bit of a battle. "It's getting a little bit funny because every time we play Arsenal, they're the ones who say we're violent. "But we're not, we're committed and that's what you would expect from any team. "It always seems to be the Arsenal camp who come out with these kinds of comments."

Source: ESA