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Blackburn make 20m move for Ronaldinho - and eye move for David Beckham and Damien Duff

05 Jan 2011 06:20:52

Blackburn make 20m move for Ronaldinho - and eye move for David Beckham and Damien Duff

Seriously? Blackburn are targeting moves for David Beckham and Ronaldinho Blackburn's owners revealeddetails of a £20million offerfor Ronaldinho yesterday buttheir plans to bring theBrazilian and David Beckhamto Ewood Park seem doomed. On another day of mixedmessages between India andLancashire, managerSteve Kean denied thebids have been littlemore than a PR stunt bycontroversial new ownersVenky's. But he admitted hopes ofsigning 'Mr Ronaldinho' as Venky's chiefAnuradha Desaipersistently referred tohim yesterday fromAC Milan were slippingaway. He said: 'Iwould say it is lesslikely than it was48 hours ago.The information I'm getting isthat he's edging towardsgoing back to Brazil, althoughI don't know if anybody therecan afford him.' Desai, the chairman of theIndian poultry firm who ownRovers, said she was 'quitepositive and hopeful' aftertalks between theirrepresentatives andRonaldinho's agent. Shesaid: 'A French andBrazilian club areinterested buthe's keen to playin the EPL(EnglishPremierLeague).' She addedthat the dealbeing offered tothe 30-year-old wouldnet him £6.5m for the first 12months and £7.3m for each ofthe following two years. Shealso said Blackburn have beenlooking at signing Beckhamfor some time, and want to resignDamien Duff from Fulham. Kean also said senior playerswere warming to Venky's plansbut captain Chris Sambayesterday repeated his desireto leave the club. Wanted: Damien Duff is wanted by Blackburn 'I've had ups and downs herebut today I don't want to wasteany more time,' said thecentre back, 26.Beckham now looks certain toreturn to England this month,even if only to spend the restof the MLS close-seasontraining with a PremierLeague club, as he has done inthe past at Arsenal. The idea of a two-month loanspell at Tottenham appealsbecause of the location andthe club's ambition but, if adeal cannot be reached withLA Galaxy, he might choose totrain at Arsenal again ratherthan join a team fightingrelegation.  Explore more:People: David Beckham, Damien Duff Places: Milan, United Kingdom, Brazil


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