Big moves bemuse Hughes

17 July 2007 11:37
Blackburn Rovers boss Mark Hughes is dismayed by the massive transfer fees some Premier League clubs have been paying this summer. It is estimated that £284million has been spent on new players since the end of last season with Manchester United and Liverpool accounting for almost a third of that figure between them. "There's a lot of players moving around at the moment and the value that's been put on those players is totally out of sync to what they're actually worth," a bemused Hughes told the Lancashire Evening Telegraph. "I think it's just people looking around to see what's available, and who they can get into their club, and they're having to pay top dollar, and over and above top dollar on occasions. "I'm just grateful for the squad I've got. It's taken three years to get this side together and I'm grateful that we're in a situation where we don't have to go out in the market place and buy players for the sake of it, paying over the odds. "There's a lot of players also going for five, six, seven and eight million, and I look at some of the players that have moved, and I then look at my squad and think they wouldn't improve it. "So I'm quite comfortable with the situation that we're in."

Source: ESA