Yak Says - Give Kean a Chance

05 December 2011 09:22
Rovers striker Yakubu believes that fans should give manager Steve Kean more of a chance to prove himself as a boss.

Yakubu had the game of his life as he hit all four of Rovers goals in a 4-2 win over Swansea in an attempt to ease the pressure on Kean.

Rovers have moved off the bottom of the league with that much needed win, although they still remain in the bottom three.

The Yak believes it is a good start, but despite the win, there were more voices heard from the fans by way of a ‘Kean out’ protest.

 Fans were also not happy with the way that Yakubu ran to Kean after opening the scoring.

He said: "They should give Kean a chance. I've never experienced anything like this before. It's not nice but what can you do?

"We, as players, just have to forget about it. We do our job on the pitch and focus.

"It's a shame to see it even when we're winning. Maybe we can change their minds by winning some more games.

"The manager has been there with us, he's told us to go out and enjoy our football.

"We won and that's an unbelievable feeling. We're going to stay in the league. We know it's a long way to go."

Yakubu has now scored 10 goals this season in all competitions; almost half of Blackburn's goals.

He added: "It's unbelievable to get four goals - not just a hat-trick in the Premier League.

"But I always believe I can score goals and they've given me the opportunity to do that here."