Wigan Boss Has Good Reason To Have A Tant

20 November 2011 02:23
Wigan boss Roberto Martinez was not a happy bunny after Rovers fought back to grab a 3-3 draw at the Stadium of Silence on Saturday.

Not only did he have a last minute penalty awarded against his side for a foul on Robbo, he was already fuming about Hoilett’s header at the far post. Well, not the goal so much but what happened just before.

Yakubu placed the ball for the corner and faked kicking it, leaving it for Morten Gamst Pedersen, who ran with the ball from the corner flag before crossing it for David Hoilett to head in.

To be fair, there was no way on this earth that the ref could have known whether Yakubu had touched the ball or not.

So Martinez blames referee Andre Marriner for allowing the goal. He told Sky Sports: "I think it's scandalous. It seems it's all too easy to give a decision against Wigan Athletic. There has been so many times.

"If you watch it 23 times you won't see it clear if he touched it, so how can the referee know. It is scandalous from that point of view.

"You would need to be a magician to make that decision (that Yakubu had touched the ball). A ridiculous decision. And a decision that would have been very easy to make.

"I don't like to talk about referees but we have got a bad decision a few too many times."

Martinez added: "The performance was magnificent. I felt we did enough to win the game comfortably, but we get every decision at the moment against us.

"We scored some very, very, good goals and the performance is everything you could ask for.

"Unfortunately we couldn't get the rewards and it's just the hurt because of the decision rather than the lack of points.

"It's a proud moment to have 100 games in charge of Wigan, but I don't feel like celebrating right now."