Venky's Remain Defiant

28 March 2011 04:53
Rovers owners Venky's remain defiant as they once again reiterared their support for boss Steve Kean following reports he was set to be sacked. One win in eight league games has sent the club hurtling towards the relegation zone and Kean's position at Ewood Park had rightly come under scrutiny from fans and media alike. You can’t even get decent odds if you wanted to put a tenner on Kean being the next Premier League manager to be sacked as even the bookies can see that Rovers are flogging a dead horse. However, co-owner Venkatesh Rao has rejected suggestions Kean is on borrowed time and stressed the manager has their full backing. "I think it's absolutely not correct," Rao told Sky Sports News. "The situation is in control. We are very much with the managers. The rumours have come, but we have to work positively." He added: "Blackburn Rovers is very, very positive. I can tell from day one we are there for the club. "We are looking for the season to finish and looking at many more things, such as a training ground and training academy in India. "We are thinking of a long-term prospect. As a team we've also got a good bunch of players and the manager is very nice and very positive. "Time will cure the whole thing and we have to keep playing good."