Usual Defiance Follows Defeat At Stoke

28 November 2011 06:06
Even the most optimistic of Rovers supporters would have to admit that the 3-1 score-line at Stoke on Saturday did not come as a surprise.

Many would say “Only 3? I’m surprised its only 3 with that clown in charge of things.”

And who could blame any fan for losing the faith? This great club of ours that was once owned and built up to fulfil a dream by one of the nicest men in football is now dithering on dropping out of the top flight. And if it does, there will be very little chance of a return like last time.

Kean watched his side increase his laughable record to six wins in 34 games and of course, he saw little wrong with how they played. There were positives to take from the game and Stoke were lucky, as lucky as the growing list of other sides that have beaten us during this run.

On Saturday, the small bunch of fans that were huddled together at the back of the stand were singing ‘Kean Out’ from the kick off, something that would bother a lot of managers, but not Steve Kean, he just becomes more and more determined that he will stay with the club and to hell with what the fans think.

After taking off his manager’s uniform which consisted of a hat with a plastic flower in it, a red nose and three foot long shoes, Kean told the press: "I put it to the back of my mind. I am focused on the job.

"I think if there are a few fans shouting then they can shout what they want.

"They can voice their frustrations; we are frustrated we didn't get anything from this game so I can share their frustrations.

"All I want to do is for the fans to go home happy because they have seen us winning and play well.

"If the fans are complaining and shouting against me, I just want them to go home and have a good weekend.

"We are working for the same thing. Hopefully I can turn them around, hopefully we can turn them around because I don't just think it is me, it is the players and the rest of the fans - the majority of the fans - who want the same thing."

He then jumped in his car and the wheels and doors fell off.


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