Smug Kean Says He's Staying

21 December 2011 11:41
Steve Kean is not going to do the right thing and step down after last night's defeat to Bolton and he doesn't expect to be sacked either.

Yet another Premier League defeat for Rovers would surely have had anybody in charge of the club expecting the worst, but Kean acts like he is bullet proof when it comes to being sent to the dole queue.

It had been reported rumoured before the game that whichever manager lost would be sacked, but despite the hopes of many angry Rovers fans, this does not look like happening.

Instead, the defiant one just sits back and laughs off the abuse he is getting from the fans while insisting that he will still be in charge of the side on Boxing Day."I expect to be here on Boxing Day," said Kean."I would be completely shocked if they (the owners) decide to replace me? Yes."There is no board meeting tomorrow. [Wednesday]."I spoke to the owners prior to the game and I spoke to them at length yesterday."