Singh Insists There Are No Regrets

28 December 2012 11:48
Henning Berg receives the boot from Blackburn Rovers after just 57 days into the job and Shebby Singh says that he has no regrets giving him the job in the first place. Many Rovers fans were somewhat surprised when Berg was made the manager at the club due to his inexperience in the English leagues, but the appointment was made none the less and it seems that the fans were right in their fears that a more experienced man would have been a better way to go.

Now Rovers are on the lookout for another new manager and once again it is not a top name that has been installed as favourite to get the job, Kevin McDonald leads the way.

Singh responded to his critics on Sky Sports News:  "I think we are always smarter after something happens. There are many people out there who are very, very clever but they are not in a position like me to make decisions.

"I have to be strong for the club. Sometimes you make the right decisions but things don't work for you. To all the clever people out there, good luck.

"I don't regret getting Henning here; my only regret is that it didn't work out the way we would have liked it to.

"I'm very sad, but this is football, the club is more important than me, more important than Henning."

Source: RoversMAD