Samba Tries To Take The Heat Off Kean

19 December 2011 08:26
According to a lot of the press this morning, Steve Kean has only got the game against Bolton this week to save his job.

A few are going that little bit further saying that Rovers star defender Chris Samba has said that the team are going down into the Championship, no ifs or buts, just going down because as a side, they are not good enough.

It’s certainly not the sort of reaction Kean would expect from one of his players, especially with the Bolton game being billed as such an important one for both Kean and his counterpart Owen Coyle.

All in all captain Samba has mearly tried to take the heat off Kean by diverting the attention to the players, not how they are being managed, but in this time of crisis at the club and with fans so up in arms about the situation, Kean and the team must be thinking that his time is up

Samba is quoted in the Express as saying “We’re not good enough to stay up.”

He continued: “We are so low. We were not good enough. As a team we have not proved we are good enough to stay in the league. The mood in the dressing room is down. Offensively, we were not good enough. Defensively, we were poor. It was stupid defending.

“Now we have another game and regaining our spirit for that is going to be very difficult.

“We are not here to discuss the manager. He is doing his job and trying to lift us. But the players are responsible – we are on the pitch. It is our job. It is too easy to blame the manager.”