Sam Cant Get Rhodes

15 April 2013 03:27
Newspapers have it that our friend fat Sam is going to have a go at nicking Jordan Rhodes to play for West Ham in the summer. It's very likely one of those stories that are thrown together in a drunken moment just to see how much crap the average football fan will swallow, we don't doubt Rhodes' ability to be able to play in the top flight and we just question why the hell it would be West Ham?

If Rhodes has ambitions of playing at the highest level, would he really want to do it at a club that will soon be moving to a stadium that they can only quarter fill?

Gritty Sam has tried to get the prolific scorer once before when he offered Huddersfield a wad of cash for the player, but Rovers came along with a better offer that West Ham could not match.

This is one of them there 'put two and two together' stories that would have to have Rovers go down and increase their need to reduce the wage bill.

Blackburn are just a point clear of the relegation zone and Rhodes has banged in 25 goals so far this season, so it is not likely that Rovers would want to see the back of him should they avoid relegation.

Source: RoversMAD