Rhodes To Claim Ipswich Goal

11 February 2013 03:32
Jordan Rhodes is hoping that the goal against Ipswich on Saturday will be credited to him, thus seeing him enter the record books at Ewood Park.

Rhodes could find himself being one of just four players who have scored in seven consecutive games for Rovers.

Eddie Quigley was the last player to do that, some 77 years ago; it was also done by Ted Harper and Jack Southworth.

Rhodes wants to get on that elite list by getting the decision to put the goal down as a Stephen Henderson own goal changed.

Rhodes told Radio Rovers: "Nobody is taking that off me. I didn't know much about it at the time, it was one of those things where you get yourself in the right place and the ball just hits you.

"I think it took a touch off the keeper as it was on the way in, but I certainly made good contact on the ball. I didn't really see where the ball went, but I saw it hit the back of the net and I was off."

Source: RoversMAD