New Players Are The Key

11 December 2012 03:58
Blackburn Rovers manager Henning Berg is quite sure that his side would be able to hit their promotion target if he was able to strengthen during the January transfer window.


Berg is anxious to not let the four point gap between Rovers and the top six to get any bigger and the arrival of a few new faces should be all he needs to bridge that gap.

Sound simple, we must be going up then.

"I think we have to improve. At the top level we are good but at the moment we are a little bit indifferent. We need to play at our top level for longer periods," he told the Lancashire Evening Telegraph.

"We have a lot of young players at this club. It is a very, very young team with potential so it is natural the performances are a little bit up and down.

"But we want to be promoted and that is why we are looking to improve. If we can improve the players that are here we will do that, if we can improve by making some changes in and out then we will do that. It has to be within our financial budget and it has to be players who can improve the team.

"Of course we are assessing things as we go on and we will make sure we do the right things in the future. Improving the team, improving the squad, making sure we put us in a position where we can be promoted."

Source: RoversMAD