Nelsen calls for clarity

20 December 2010 04:00

Ryan Nelsen has called on Blackburn's owners to make it clearer to the players what is going on at the club.

Venky's, the Indian poultry firm who completed their takeover of Rovers in November, created shockwaves last week by sacking manager Sam Allardyce despite the team sitting relatively comfortably in 13th place in the Barclays Premier League.

"They (the new owners) want to do it their way, I've no problem with that," Nelsen told the Lancashire Telegraph. "Good for them. But we're down in the trenches fighting and the Premier League is not easy. It's as tough as it gets in any sport. It would be nice when you're down in the trenches fighting to get a bit of communication - so that's what I'd say to them."

He added: "Listen, I have no problem with any owners doing anything, it's their club.

"But the thing is when you make a monumental decision like that - and it's the biggest decision any club can make - you like to think there's a back-up plan.

"We as players know nothing, the staff know nothing. Nobody knows anything about what's going on."

Nelsen believes the events of the past few days took their toll on the team's performance as they drew 1-1 against West Ham at the weekend.

"It really was a strange atmosphere," the New Zealand defender said. "I think it showed in the game, it wasn't great quality. The tension was in the players and it was in the crowd as well. You can't blame anyone for that.

"The decision that was made has caused this kind of tension. It was portrayed out there.

"I have to be honest and say I've never known anything like this in my career. Managers have come and gone but not like this. This is something new to all of us."

Source: PA