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13 October 2011 07:00
Get involved! Simply read the terms and conditions below before emailing your piece to us at

Sportsmail has launched My Club, a brilliant new blog where you - the fans - can have YOUR say on what's going on at YOUR club.

Whether you support the best team in the Premier League or the one propping up the Football League, everyone wants to air their feelings from time to time.

Now here's YOUR chance!

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We want to hear from you - whether it's to toast your team's success or stick the boot into the what's going wrong at your favourite side.

You may want to praise your striker who can't stop scoring or hail the manager with the golden touch. If so, let us know.

Or you may feel like aiming your anger at the donkey up front or the boss who doesn't know his 4-4-2s from his 3-4-3s. This is your place to let off some steam.

So, what are you waiting for? Send us your pieces and we will publish the best ones on the biggest and best football website around.

Please read the following guidelines before sending anything to us at

 Guidelines*Any piece submitted must be between 600 and 900 words

*We will only consider articles written about clubs in the English Premier League, Championship, League One or League Two

*You will not be paid for any article published on the My Club blog

*You must include your full name and age, plus the name of the village, town or city you live in.

*We reserve the right to edit articles, without changing their meaning

*For a complete rundown of our house rules, click here

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