Lets Not Go Ginger

29 October 2012 03:14
He took Birmingham City down, he then also nearly relegated Villa after they made him manager while near riots went off from the Villa fans.

Yet for some strange reason there are reports today that the powers that be at Ewood Park are considering his name for the vacant manager's job.

Go onto any Birmingham or Aston Villa forum and ask what the fans think of old ginger nut and don't be surprised if the answers are x-rated, he is not liked.

They will tell you that his style of football will put you to sleep so much are his empathies' on defence.

Haven't we had our share of that at Ewood Park?

On the other hand, he did get Birmingham into the Premier League, but he had no clue how to keep them or Villa there.

McLeish is not for me.

Source: RoversMAD