Lawrenson Picks Arsenal For Win

27 August 2010 12:08
Its bad news for Blackburn this weekend, Sam Allardyce and his men were hoping to take on Arsenal and beat them at Ewood Park just like they did last season. But after hour upon hour of preparation, spying, watching and fine tuning tactics, it seems it has all been to no avail. BBC expert pundit Mark Lawrenson has put a spanner in the works by predicting that Arsenal would win the game. It will be a close thing, but a win to Arsenal non-the-less. In his BBC column, he said: Blackburn's home record last season was excellent and they rolled Everton over in their opening game by stopping them creating in front of goal. They put you under intense pressure, force you on to the back foot, don't give daft fouls away and, as we saw at Birmingham last week, remain dangerous from set-pieces. But if Arsenal are going to do anything this season they have to go to places like Ewood Park and win. This will be totally different to last weekend's match against a Blackpool team who were very open and tried to take Arsenal on at their own game. It will be an extremely difficult game for Arsene Wenger's men but I think the days of sides like Blackburn and Bolton surprising Arsenal are starting to become a thing of the past. Prediction: 1-2. So there you go, looks like a loss is on the cards but at least it’s not as big a loss as what our new Arsenal friend on our message board, ‘The Gun Man’ says we are for a 4-1 hammering. Lawro's predictions    


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