Kean Still Won't Go.

18 December 2011 01:22
He is useless at his job, he is taking Rovers down on by the way they are playing at the moment and nobody likes him. Despite this, Rovers manager Steve Kean still will not leave.

He still insists that he can turn things around at the club, but there was precious little evidence to back up that statement on the pitch at Ewood Park on Saturday when his team went down yet again, this time to West Brom.

Putting it mildly, Rovers are waist deep in the droppings of a camel and the only thing that can lead us out is Kean, but he is to football what Jo Brand is to Slimming World. Surely the owners can see by now that he is not up to the job? And why won’t he save face, do the decent thing and hand his notice in?

Scott Dann grabbed a goal for Rovers yesterday but stunning efforts from James Morrison and Peter Odemwingie. This lead to even more protesting from the Rovers fans, and nothing had been arranged to do so.

But Kean still insists that he is the man for the job and he won’t be packing it in, no-matter how angry the people who pay his wages week in and week out are getting.

Keane stated: "I'm under no illusions that my job is based on us being in a much better position than where we are now. But I'll make sure I prepare the team right and that we show some courage, get on the ball and get some points in the coming games."

Now Rovers face Bolton on Tuesday night, its being billed as the battle to evade the sack. But don’t hold your breath, if we lose this one he will still insist he can turn it around…. And again, and again, and again….


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