Kean Not Happy About Protest

17 April 2012 07:45
Candidate for Manager of the Season Steve Kean, is hoping that if a protest has to go on this weekend, it's a case of minimum disruption and it must be kept outside the stadium.

Sitting next to bottom of the table and not being helped by Wigan who won at Arsenal last night, Rovers simply have to beat Norwich and still look for another win and a draw from the remaining matches.

But Kean fears that naughty fans may disrupt his side and that may result in a rare bad performance by the players

But the long suffering Rovers fans can take no more, they are to take to the streets again before the match and let Venkys and Kean know just what they think of them.

Disgruntled supporters are to take to the streets again before the match to vent their spleen on owner Venky's and its boss.

However, Kean said: "I hope that the protest is small. The fans inside the ground of late have been excellent and the travelling fans have been very good.

"We have a young team that has certainly performed better when the atmosphere has been hostile towards the opposition and I am hopeful that they will continue to support us.

"We have a focus and that is on breaking the sequence that we are in, making sure we can get a good start in the game and I am very confident that we can get a result this week.

"If you can go to Anfield and draw, and go to Old Trafford and win, there is no reason why we can't beat Norwich and Wigan at home and take something from the games away at Spurs and away at Chelsea."If you can go to tough away grounds and dig something out, and win our home games I think that will be enough to keep us in the division."