Kean Demanding Better Performances

13 April 2012 02:56
Blackburn manager Steve Kean has demanded that his team shows great improvement as they get ready for the tricky weekend game against Swansea in Wales.

After having a couple of back to back wins that lifted the club a few points away from the relegation zone, a couple of poor results have landed Kean and his merry men right back in it again with games running out fast.

Rovers need to beat Swansea and Kean is demanding that his side go out and play like they have never played before if they are to try and escape relegation to the Championship.

Wigan and QPR have not helped matters by both winning their midweek games while Rovers lost at home to Liverpool, although you cannot blame any of our rivals for the state the club is in at the moment.

Kean has recognised that letting goals in has not done Rovers a lot of good, now they sit next to the bottom and need three points before they can start planning an unlikely escape.

"We need to close the back door and defend better.”Said Kean.

"We need to go into every game looking to improve. But we can't go into games thinking we need to score four or five goals to win."