Kean Bangs On Still

25 October 2011 11:25
Blackburn boss Steve Kean is still hopeful that the fans who are protesting to try and get rid of him will see the error of their ways and come round to liking him.

He also believes in the Easter Bunny.

Saturday’s defeat at the hands of Tottenham leaves Rovers with just five points from nine games, that’s relegation form no-matter who’s eyes you look at it through. Except, it seems, Venkys.

"You hope that you can turn around people who have got a little bit of negativity and want to have a go," Kean said.

"We didn't turn them around with the result, but hopefully they can see that we have gone up against a team like Tottenham and dealt with them well. I thought we minimised them."

The 44-year-old added: "Obviously they would have some chances and they were very good on the break, but I think it was on the break.for us to control as much possession as we did and create that many chances, I think we have got to give ourselves a pat on the back."