Fans Ignored As Kean Gets New Contract

10 November 2011 11:39
It's hardly believable, I sit here waiting for news from Rovers that says it's not true, but it really does look like Venky's have given Steve Kean a new contract.

Maybe they have the rules of the idea of the game wrong and think that you are supposed to head for the championship and then league one, but there must be something very wrong.

The fear of relegation is haunting the fans enough for a section to be protesting about having him as manager and even went so far as to have a plane fly over the ground at the weekend with a KEAN OUT banner in tow.

The Daily Mirror broke the news and although other reporters are having nothing to do with the story, it looks like it could be true.

If true, some Rovers' fans will be furious, but Kean has always maintained that his side are not getting the rub of the green and he is confident results will soon pick up.He said on Monday: "You look to the first phase of 10 games and it has been tough; I feel as though we should have another six points."Now we have got games against teams around us and if our levels are as high as they have been then I am convinced we will pick up points and by the time we get to halfway we will be in a much, much better position."