Dunn Targets Winnable Brace Of Games

24 March 2011 06:05
Rovers' midfielder David Dunn is of the opinion that the club needs to register two more wins to maintain their place in the Barclays Premier League. Not only that, but Dunn says those two wins can come from the games against Bolton Wanderers and Birmingham City. It’s not really any surprise that Rovers are not certain of their Premier league future what with the goings on at the club over the last few months, especially with the new owners’ choice of manager. They are currently only a point outside the relegation zone and have a tricky run-in with Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United to play in their remaining eight matches. Dunn told the Press Association: "It is such a competitive league, arguably one of the best in the world. "It would be a bit silly to go out there thinking it is cut and dried and we are safe. "It is obviously difficult, as it is for a number of other clubs down there. "It is tight but that is what makes it special and we just need a few more wins to get us out of that. "I think the Premier League is getting more physically challenging every year, more competitive, and that is the way it is going to go - certainly for the clubs outside the top six. "I wouldn't like to go to Wolves needing a win at the end of the season and we have two very big games in Birmingham and Bolton at home and those are games we are going to be looking to do our best in. "We have just got to make sure we concentrate on our job and if we do that I am sure we will be fine."