Cocky Kean

03 October 2011 02:44
Blackburn boss Steve Kean is beginning to get a bit cocky, this week he goes to met Rovers' owners in India and he is confident he will get their backing.

The club go to India with Kean to take part in a promotional visit which includes a game against Pune FC.

After yet another loss and more unrest in the crowd on Saturday, Venkys are sure to want to know just what Kean intends to do about the perilous situation that the team is in.

But Kean remains confident of his future.

When asked if he thought the fans' protests would force Venky's to act, he told the Lancashire Telegraph: "No, not at all. They are strong people. They are very much in this for the long run and they have backed me to the hilt.

"We'll get through it and we'll do what we did last year when we ended the season brilliantly to stay in the Premier League when we were everyone's favourites to go down.

"Our owners are very strong. I spoke with the owner first thing Saturday morning and she said that there were going to be people protesting and not to let it bother me and I won't."

"What we will do as a team, as staff and as owners, is stick together and we will turn it around together. I am very confident about that."