Burnley's Burning Ambition

22 March 2013 04:43
Burnley manager Sean Dyche has massive ambitions for his club.

The gravel-voiced one soon realised after taking over at Turf Moor was that Burnley are totally obsessed with beating Blackburn Rovers. So seeing that Rovers have had more than their fair share of problems since Venkys took over the club, it looked a nailed on certainty that this would be Burnley's big year in at least one of their cup finals against Rovers this season.

Spotting this, Dyche decided to get himself into Burnley folklore by being the first manager to send a team out to beat Rovers for a very long and bitter period of time for the web-footed ones.

But two games have since passed and he failed in both efforts so now the bar has been lowered even further, now he wants to see Burnley finish above Rovers in the table.

The fan base are right behind this little scheme being so short of something to celebrate over Rovers in such a long time, except of course when other teams manage to beat us.

So from being one of the giants in the football world in their early days and having ambitions of winning the league title and maybe the FA Cup, they have sank to wanting to finish above a club in turmoil, free-falling towards league one while the owners try to set a record of how many managers you can have in a two year period.

Dyche knows how much it would mean to Burnley fans who would probably hold street parties, let off fireworks and lobby the House of Lords for there to be a Burnley Day to celebrate this.

“It’s very important from the point of view of the fans,” said the Burnley boss to the Lancashire Telegraph.

 “As a fan base its local bragging rights. We all know that situation.

“We have had two derby games we could have taken maximum points from but it wasn’t to be."

Source: RoversMAD