Blackburn owners Venky's not prepared to give in to protests and sell the club

16 November 2011 03:39
Blackburn owners Venky's insist they will not be forced into selling the club despite protest by Rovers fans over their ownership.

Supporters are furious at the way Rovers have slumped over the past 12 months and want to see the back of them as well as boss Steve Kean.

Loud voice: Blackburn fans believe the Venky's have destroyed their club

In a week when the Indian poultry giants should be celebrating the first anniversary of their Ewood Park reign fans will lay flowers at the statue of former owner Jack Walker and say it signifies the death of their club.

A Qatar oil company is reported to be lining up a takeover bid but co-owner Venkatesh Rao insists it doesn't matter how much they are offered they are not prepared to sell, much to the frustration of Rovers fans.

'We are here to stay with the club. We're not interested in giving it to anybody,' said Rao.

'It's like our baby. Money isn't everything to us. The passion is there and we don't want to let the fans down. We've had no offer. God willing, we'll be here for a long time.'

Not for sale: Rovers owners Balaji Rao (left) and Venkatesh Rao (right) refuse to sell the club

The owners are aware of the problems the club have faced over the last 12 months and admit there has been 'ups and downs.'

Rao added: 'Everything is difficult in life but it is not extraordinarily difficult.

'It's very nice to have such a prestigious football club but you have to be sure of your results also, which I'm sure will come off later.

'We are very much concerned. We want to be a little higher and no lower.

'No team wants to be down and we are trying very hard and I'm sure we will produce some results.'

While fans have been protesting to try and remove Kean the Blackburn owners are reported to be offering their manager a new deal, something that is sure to enrage Rovers fans even more.

But Rao insists contract talks are a long way off, he said: 'It's very early to talk about something like that.

'At present there is nothing, to tell you very honestly.

'I don't know how the news has come out but it is nothing like that, nothing has been signed.'

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Source: Daily_Mail