Blackburn ban banners

02 November 2011 02:47

Blackburn fans calling for the removal of manager Steve Kean have been banned from displaying protest banners before and during Saturday's home tie with Chelsea.

Kean has faced opposition from a growing number of fans after presiding over just six wins - and just one this season- in Premier League matches.

A fourth successive demonstration is planned at Ewood Park, but the club will not allow any banners into the ground until after the final whistle.

Rovers will allow fans to stage their protest after the match with banners which have been handed over to stewards prior to entry.

"Any banners that have to be confiscated due to them not being offered over in good faith will not be returned and personnel may be refused entry at that point," Blackburn's stadium/safety manager John Newsham wrote in an email sent to protest organisers.

"If any banners get into the ground and are displayed they will be removed by stewards and not returned. "

Protest organisers said, after a meeting with the club and Lancashire Police, the decision was taken after Rovers claimed there may be a counter protest against the demonstration and they wanted to reduce the chances of conflict inside the ground.

Source: AFP