Big Sam bemoans penalty denial

04 October 2009 06:41
Barrel-chested Rovers gaffer Allardyce launched a scathing attack on referee Peter Walton after their licking in London.

The visitors were torn apart by a potent attacking Gunners outfit, but Allardyce was angry that the referee failed to award his side a penalty after David Dunn was brought down in the second half.

With the score at 3-2, the midfielder went down in the penalty area under the challenge of Thomas Vermaelen, and replays show that the defender missed the ball when making the tackle.

"This is a stonewall blatant penalty no matter how you look at it," Allardyce said. "Whatever angle you look at it, you can see it from the angle of the referee perfectly positioned, you can see the leg coming across Dunny and tripping him up and the ball doesn't move away and that's a penalty.

"There's never a penalty that's as stonewall a penalty as this one.

"You want to get a fair crack of the bit when you come here and you need the referees to give you the right decisions.

"We haven't had the right decision by the referee, it's a major one, it's contributed to us massively losing this game.

"We can't do anything about it unfortunately, but I've got to say publicly, to everybody, and particularly to the bosses of the referees, you've got to stop it. You must. You can't let this go on."

Source: Team_Talk