Another Striker Needed, But Which One?

09 August 2012 12:07
Blackburn Rovers are said to still be interested in Jordan Rhodes but if that falls through, reports say that the new target will be Manchester City striker John Guidetti.

The Lancashire Telegraph say that Kean is looking for one more striker to add to his squad before he's finished whatever it is he is trying to do with his wheeling and dealing.

The boss man says that Diogo Rosado and Colin Kazim-Richards are on the brink of signing for the club and they will get Rhodes if Huddersfield will let him speak to Rovers as it is believed that the goalscoring sensation is interested in the Lancashire life.

If not, that is where 20-year-old Guidetti comes in and he is apparently quite good according to Feyenoord fans.

Kean told the paper: “We have put in a bid for Rhodes and we will see if that has been accepted. If its not, there will obviously be a limit and a tipping point for us, where we have to look elsewhere. I don’t know if we are close to that.

“If they politely tell us he is not for sale and they would rather us not bid then we will move on”.