Allardyce excited by new owners

21 November 2010 06:06
Blackburn Rovers manager Sam Allardyce is planning a meeting with the club's new owners to discuss his plans for developing the Premier League side.Balaji and Venkateshwara Rao were introduced to the crowd at Ewood Park on Sunday before watching Rovers' 2-0 victory over Aston Villa.

"I am looking forward to meeting them and giving them my ideas on how the club can go forward," said Allardyce.

"It is going to be nice to hopefully work with them and progress this club."

The Rao family bought Rovers through their newly formed company, Venky's London Limited, for £43m on Friday.

I am excited - I would think a new owner of a club would only want to take it forward Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce And brothers Balaji and Venkateshwara received a warm reception from the crowd at Ewood Park as they were publicly unveiled on the pitch before the match - the third time they had seen Blackburn play.

"I met the new owners for the third time, only briefly," added Allardyce, who spent the first half sat in the same row as them.

"I think it was fair to say they were well entertained here by the match against Chelsea [a 2-1 defeat on 30 October], when they came here for the first time before they had actually clinched the deal.

"Last week they watched the Tottenham game and we were well beaten in the end, but now they have seen us win for the first time.

"Hopefully, like every Blackburn fan, the players and myself, they will be very happy with the way we have won and the performance that was given."

For five years I have remained resolute in my view that a takeover is the only possible way forward for Blackburn Vinjay606 Allardyce has warned the club's supporters against expecting too much from the new owners but is hopeful that they will ensure the club is able to hold on to its best players.

"What is important is to talk about the future, the short-term and the long-term - what the owners have in their mind, and me expressing my desire from a football point of view about how I think we should progress," added the Rovers boss.

"I am excited - I would think a new owner of a club would only want to take it forward.

"This club has had to live off it's own steam recently and all it has done in the last three years or so is sell its major assets.

"I think if we can stop that first and then progress to adding to those major assets, then the club grows."

Rovers moved up to 11th in the Premier League table on Sunday after Mortem Gamst Pedersen scored both goals.

Source: BBC_Sport