McLeish plans to be prudent

17 October 2009 01:35
Birmingham City manager Alex McLeish insists he is not about to spend multi-millions on new players despite Carson Yeung's takeover finally going through earlier this month. The Blues boss has been promised as much as £80million to spend over the next two transfer windows but is circumspect on his own plans. "There is a short-term vision," said the former Scotland manager. "That doesn't necessarily mean you spend millions. We need to stay in the Premier League because then you have a platform from which you can build and take it up another level. "The long-term vision is to use Everton as a model. To get to that kind of footing and then take it from there. But, first things first, we have to be in the Premier League next year "Old habits die hard. I came off a wee council estate. I had one club where I went around turning off the lights. "That's why I'm not going to go mental with the money. Wage structure and spirit in the dressing room must be maintained."

Source: ESA