McLeish expects little change

15 October 2009 01:35
Birmingham City manager Alex McLeish is confident that he will remain in charge of transfers at the club, following the takeover by new Blues owner Carson Yeung. Yeung has drafted in ex-England international Steve McManaman and former Hong Kong manager Sammy Yu as part of his team, but McLeish expects to retain the final say in comings and goings. He told the Birmingham Mail: "Will I have the final decision on team and transfer targets? It will be down to me. "That is the normal remit of a manager and we will pretty much be working that way. "I'll take all the advice. If there are players Sammy suggests, or people like Steve McManaman come up with names and I think they will enhance the club, then fine, absolutely. "I will see what Steve has to offer. I don't know how much he has kept in touch with his Spanish contacts, because that is a good market. "I think Steve is a fine bloke who has a lot of experience, so why not use it? "There might be 99 per cent of the time when I say 'I don't fancy it' but that one per cent might make the difference."

Source: ESA

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