Blues dispute carries on

17 November 2009 03:07
The war of words between current Birmingham City president Carson Yeung and former co-owner David Sullivan has escalated. Sulllivan has hit back at claims made by the new regime that they were surprised at the money that had had to be paid on transfer and agents fees, bonuses, taxes and other bills. Yeung has been forced to transfer £2million of his own money into the club's accounts to help pay off some outstanding debts, with vice-chairman executive and finance Peter Pannu adding: "It's a top-up to help with these unexpected problems we have been facing." Sullivan had earlier asked whether it his fault that Yeung had 'failed to do full due diligence before he purchased the club?' He then added: "He merely asked us about ten questions and failed to bring in accountants or auditors. It's a bit like me buying a house and failing to conduct a survey and then moaning when the damn thing collapses. "The bottom line is that he's a former hairdresser from Hong Kong who seems to think that he can buy favour with the supporters by consistently having digs at the former board and promising to fund a £40million spending spree in January." However, Pannu has responded to the accusations by saying: "They took a £3million deposit from us and we then had a very short period of time to complete the purchase. "Due diligence could not be completed. We could not access the things that we wanted. "Our commitment to January is ongoing, despite so much mess that has been left behind for us."

Source: ESA