Wenger still unhappy with Taylor

27 March 2010 09:33
Arsenal travel to Birmingham for the first time since that match two years ago which not only took such a heavy toll on Eduardo, but also dented the Gunners' title hopes.[LNB]"Have I bumped into him? No. Have my feelings changed towards him? No. Have they mellowed with time? No," Wenger said when asked about Taylor, now at Watford.[LNB]"It is best not to speak about that any more. The best way to help Eduardo is not to speak about what happened there.[LNB]"For him, he has a good opportunity to show that he has got over that."[LNB]While Wenger is still clearly holding a grudge over the incident, Gunners captain Fabregas claims maintaining their title challenge is far more important than gaining revenge.[LNB]"This is a big day for all of us but it has nothing to do with what happened two years ago - that is all finished now," hr told The Sun.[LNB]"Yes it was a very, very bad injury for Eduardo and a very difficult moment for Arsenal Football Club.[LNB]"And from that day everything changed for us - that's true.[LNB]"We were top of the league and everything was going so well. But then...[LNB]"But we are not the kind of people who dwell on two years ago and all that happened there.[LNB]"Eduardo is well again, he's back playing again.[LNB]"So for us it's all about right now and the future - not going back into the past. It is a big game for other reasons now - not for revenge but for something more important than that. It's because we want to win the league, not settle old scores."[LNB][LNB] Arsenal 8/15, Draw 11/4, Birmingham 6/1  

Source: Team_Talk