McLeish cautious over Blues funds

27 November 2009 10:11
Carson Yeung completed his takeover at St Andrew's earlier this season with a pledge that Blues boss McLeish would receive significant backing to bolster his squad.[LNB]The former Rangers boss is keen for his squad to remain focused on establishing themselves in the Premier League and does not want the inevitable transfer speculation to prove a distraction.[LNB]McLeish does not expect to blow Yeung's promised budget in the new year and believes the club's new board will have no problems if the cash remains in the bank.[LNB]"I won't be disappointed if I don't spend £40million or even £20million in January, and I wouldn't expect to," he told The Times.[LNB]"Despite making the claim that they are going to give us that to spend, I don't think they would be particularly unhappy with me if I spent less than that.[LNB]"They (the board) have got to get their results off the pitch. It's our job to get the boys winning football matches and that's hard enough."[LNB]McLeish knows that it will take time to redevelop his side and is aware that any big-money signings will have to prove their worth to the existing players.[LNB]He added: "It's a case of building brick by brick. Your squad will accept a big earner coming in if he's really making a difference."[LNB][LNB] Wolves v Birmingham. Click here to bet.  

Source: Team_Talk