Gold 'saddened' by Blues ending

04 November 2010 08:50
David Gold will return to Birmingham for the first time since taking over West Ham "with some trepidation" on Saturday.[LNB] Gold - and co-owner David Sullivan - quit Blues after nearly 17 years in charge last season before selling to Carson Yeung in an £81.5million deal.[LNB]He admits his departure from City was acrimonious after claiming he was offered a role under the new board as vice-chairman - something which was denied by Yeung.[LNB]Gold told the Birmingham Mail: "I left Birmingham in rather acrimonious circumstances. That was hugely, hugely disappointing at the time.[LNB]"I was saddened by how it all ended and I had mapped out my future life continuing there.[LNB]"I had no thought of West Ham - although they were always in the back of my mind because I was a supporter and they were my boyhood club.[LNB]"But once it happened, I moved onto the next chapter. Whether it was to be at Crystal Palace, Charlton, West Ham, I didn't know.[LNB]"But I will always have great memories of my time at Birmingham. How couldn't I?"[LNB]Gold added: "We had some good times. It was a great adventure, a helter skelter of excitment and ups and downs, the kind of experience people would struggle to fit into their whole life.[LNB]"The fans, by and large, were very nice to me and I made some very good friends - friends I miss, and look forward to seeing on Saturday.[LNB]"But I will go to Birmingham with some trepidation despite the friends I made when I was there."[LNB]Gold has been impressed by how Yeung has adjusted to taking charge of a Premier League club.[LNB]He said: "Carson Yeung is very new to the Premier League and football here. I think he has done a great job so far.[LNB]"I found him a person I could work with. He has been coming to terms with the Premier League and the signs appear good.[LNB]"He also has a good man to work with in Alex McLeish, one of the best managers I havbe worked with.[LNB]"Alex has done a smashing job and the owners and fans ought to stay resolute with him."

Source: Team_Talk