Camoranesi agent blasts Borozan

12 August 2010 06:01
Mauro Camoranesi's agent has slammed Vlado Borozan, claiming the FIFA agent is the reason the midfielder's move to Birmingham fell through.

Borozan was acting for the Blues in Italy, and a deal to bring Camoranesi to the Premier League seemed to be all but sealed with the 33-year-old and his agent, Sergio Fortunato, flying to England to put on the finishing touches.

However, Borozan today revealed that the deal was off for reasons he could not disclose, something which has elicited a wave of fury from Fortunato.

"I don't understand the words of this man (Borozan). If he knows the reasons for the break in negotiations and can't say, it's better for him to shut up," Fortunato told Sky Italia.

"There is only one truth: first they told us that Camoranesi would earn so much, then when we went to Birmingham that figure became half.

"If I organise a meeting in Turin and they tell me a figure, then I meet with Juve and come to an agreement with them, then I go to England and they tell me another number then the deal is blown.

"It's not like we went to Birmingham with Camoranesi for a walk. You can see that this guy is not accustomed to dealing with important players. Things changed there.

"He should take responsibility for what he said because I know what they wrote to me, I still have the piece of paper with what this Borozan, I don't even know his name, offered. When I went there everything had changed. That's not right.

"The truth is this. If he came here and told us what they could really give to Camoranesi, we would have considered it. Instead he turned the cards on the table. So he should not come out and say these things."

Camoranesi has been at Juventus since 2002 and was one of their star players who showed their loyalty by sticking with the Bianconeri when they were relegated to Serie B in the wake of the infamous match-fixing scandal.

The Argentina-born Italy international has come to an agreement with Juve which sees him allowed to leave as a free agent.

Fortunato, who said in another interview that the discrepancy is down to taxes, added that Camoranesi could now stay in Turin.

"How are we going to resolve it all? I don't know," he added. "It's not in our hands anymore.

"We have done everything we could. We went to Birmingham and everything seemed settled, Camo talked with the coach, then this happened.

"If it doesn't happen with Birmingham, it's not a problem, we'll find another solution. Everyone knows Camoranesi in the world.

"Will he stay at Juve? I'm not ruling that out, I'm not ruling out anything, how can I rule out something?"

Source: Team_Talk